Hello! If you’re reading this, you’ve apparently tracked down the Lake Family Holiday Wishlist (somehow). This is a list of ideas to get Nic, Becca, or Violet for the holiday season (or any time, if you’re feeling generous)!

If you are wanting to get stuff for us, but are wondering where to send it, you can find my contact info on my Hello page.

Violet’s List

Becca’s List

Nic’s List

Things and Stuff

T-Shirts from Cotton Bureau (size medium)


(Note: all fitted hats should be size 7 1/2)

Red Sox Jerseys

Note: size Medium for all of these

Then either red or white jerseys for (in order of preference):

  • Varitek 33
  • Wakefield 49
  • Martinez 45
  • Sale 41
  • Ramirez 24
  • Lester 31
  • Betts 50

Cookbooks (physical, hardcover pref.)

Gift Certificates

  • Amazon
  • Converse
  • Nintendo
  • Steam (Walmart, Target, GameStop, etc. will have these)
  • PlayStation Store or PlayStation Plus (grocery stores, Walmart, Target, GameStop will have these)
    • No need for PlayStation Now cards