We Bought A House!

Written on November 17, 2018
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alt text

  • Game: Buying a House
  • Platform: Planet Earth
  • Developer: My parents (lol)
  • Completed Date: 9 Nov 2018
  • Time to Complete: 31 years 8 months (unknown completion)

Be honest, how many of you forgot I had a blog?1

My gaming has been a bit sparse as of late. A few life changes, a few game changes, and… my wife and I bought our first house!

This post isn’t going to be abnormally long, because we have Pokémon Let’s Go to play, but I just wanted to make this post and let everyone know that yes, I still exist, and yes, I’m going to be reviewing more games here in the future. Should be a good time.

Normally I’d put some boilerplate here about how you can harass me about my opinions on the games I review, but today you can’t do that. Message me on Twitter anyway and let’s chat!

  1. I did.