6 May 2024 • PersonalWeblogPoMo

In software development (and probably other industries, idk), there exists the concept of “sprints”. Basically, you and your team commit to doing a set amount of work in a given time period; for all of my experience, it’s been over 2 weeks.

I love this concept, because once your team gets in the habit of accurately scoping out tasks to understand how much effort they will take, you can easily determine how long it will take to develop a new feature. It also helps protect developers from changes to their workflow, since you’ve committed to getting things accomplished; the project managers have to determine if bumping promised work is worth it.

It’s amusing, because in my every day life, I also find myself “sprinting” when it comes to doing various things. I might start in on a new hobby, or pick up a new game or book, and I’ve discovered that I’ve got just about 2 weeks to make that stick; if it doesn’t, then it’s a sign that I need to move on from that thing.

Case in point: Baldur’s Gate 3. I played the shit out of that game for about 2 weeks, wandered in to Act 3… and promptly gave it up for a book. I haven’t been back. I don’t know if I can go back; while their quest log is excellent, I worry I’m gonna forget so many things about what is going on.

So when I do manage to latch on to something and see it through, it feels really satisfying. I’ve got a 4 day streak with Duolingo going at the moment1, and I’m attempting to finally finish Hollow Knight2 on my Steam Deck3 during this vacation. I’ve lost my reading streak, but I’ll pick that back up soon. I also want to get back out to the woodshop when we get back next week, as well as finally open this “learn to crochet” kit I have sitting on my desk.

It’s taken me a long time to come to grips with giving up on things that I’m not feeling - I’ll keep adding them to my to do list for a while, but eventually I just learned to sever that tie; if it comes back around, the door is always open.

  1. I switched from Spanish (which I learned in junior high) to Japanese (so I can talk to Shohei Ohtani if I ever meet him). 

  2. 3rd attempt. I’m right at the spot where I have fallen off the game the previous two times. I’m committed to finally beating it. 

  3. I’m annoyed at how long it took me to finally love my Steam Deck. I’ve had it for ages, but have only really put time into Vampire Survivors until now.