SpONgEbOb MocKing TeXt - an Alfred Workflow

10 April 2024 • ProjectAlfredSpongebob

alt text

Occasionally, I get an idea in my head that I just can’t shake. Today’s idea: what if I had a way to quickly generate Spongebob mocking text? (I mentioned that I’m developing in Ruby, and wanted to head off the inevitable “MAybE jUsT dON’T uSE rUBy ThEn”.)

I went online to see if an Alfred workflow existed for this. It did… kinda. It was an old version from 5 years ago, written with python instead of python3, and seemed wildly complicated with all the various function calls.

23 lines of code later, my own version of the Spongebob Mocking Text workflow now exists.

You can download the latest version of the workflow on GitHub, or view the latest release.