Written on July 15, 2022
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Man. A lot has happened.

It’s been almost 7 full months since my last post, and SO MANY THINGS have changed. Mostly for the better. Let’s do a quick recap.

New page

I’ve added a new page to my site called Hello. My friend Patrick was the one that turned me on to this trend, and honestly, I think it’s great. Go check it out.

Theme System Journal

I did implement the Theme System journal that I talked about in my last post into the start of my year, and it was a tremendous help in rapidly prioritizing things that mattered vs. things that didn’t.

  • Harvest: I’m through 17 books so far, and I’ve only stopped for coffee maybe a dozen times all year (thank you, Trade Coffee, for keeping me stocked with beans).
  • Prune: My Twitter and Instagram lists are both staying small, I haven’t gotten hooked on any long-play video games, and we’ve been doing our best to eat healthier overall.
  • Sow: I’ve been getting out and walking a lot, and I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I’m also in the progress of learning Swift. The other things on that list… not so much.
  • Raze: I’m back on Facebook, albeit very infrequently. I’ve not done anything with Screen Time (honestly forgot about that one), and my nails are still short.

I’m definitely leaning into the theme, even if I’m not actively using the journal as much anymore. More on that in a minute.

New addition to the family

My wife and I welcomed our first child, a daughter (you may see me refer to her as V in some places), on February 28th. We thought we were so prepared. We weren’t even close lol.

V has been wonderful. She’s smiling and giggling, she’s curious, and she gives amazing hugs. We’ve been doing the best that we can to get out of the house and do things. Most of my walks that I’ve been doing have been pushing her around the neighborhood in her stroller while the weather is nice. We’ve been taking her out and about around some friends, and tomorrow she gets to go to a friend’s child’s 1st birthday party. I love her so much.


I’ve been doing better about trying to foster the kinds of communities that I want to be a part of. I’ve been actively trying to rekindle relationships with friends of yesteryear, now that we all have kids and can relate to that. It’s been great to touch base with all of them, swap stories and tips, and be reassured that we aren’t alone in our journey.

I’ve also become a member of the Relay FM podcast network, and through it, made some great friendships with people all over the world. We talk about random nonsense, we share projects we’re working on, and we hold each other accountable for things we’re trying to accomplish. We’re even doing a Play-By-Post D&D game, which I rejoined this month after taking an absence for V’s birth. This has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in a long time, and I’m so thankful that I took the plunge - thanks to all of you (if you’re reading this) for being an outlet, a support system, and wonderful friends over the past few months.

Jobby Job

I quit my job! Today was actually my last full day. It’s all good though - I have another gig lined up, one that’s gonna be fantastic for allowing me to flex my time & help out my wife and V. Having more time available, and not feeling pressured to be Always On from 9 to 5 is going to be huge (and honestly, hats off to families of the past - I can’t even imagine how hard it would be trying to go to work every day and being away from my family. Yikes).

Those are the high points of what’s been going on with me as of late. I’m hoping to write a lot more over the coming weeks and months as we finally settle into a routine again. No promises, though.

Did you enjoy this post? Did something I say really resonate with you? Am I just flat-out wrong? Check out my Hello page to find a way to contact me, and let’s chat about it.