Below is a list of the various projects that I have worked on and released over the years. These include music, various code projects, writings, and more.

If you enjoy any of these, and would like to support my work, you can buy me a coffee.

SpONgEbOb MocKing TeXt - an Alfred Workflow

An Alfred workflow to help you generate SpONgEbOb MocKing TeXt for use wherever you feel like.

MLB Daily Schedule Shortcut

This shortcut will pull the daily MLB schedule from their public facing API, put it into a table, and send an email to the desired recipient. You can set it up as a daily automation to know the schedules for every day.

ClackTrack - Coming Fall 2023

ClackTrack is an app for iPhone and iPad to track your mechanical keyboard collection. Track your keyboards, switches, keycaps, and accessories, as either individual components or assembled boards.

GitHub Repository Helper - an Alfred Workflow

An Alfred workflow GitHub repository helper. Allows you to open the chosen repository in your browser, copy its URL to your clipboard, or navigate directly to the pull requests, issues, or projects page for that repo.

The Music Plays You - Sailing (EP)

'Sailing' is my first EP I released as The Music Plays You, an ambient instrumental solo project. It was an attempt to learn the process of recording, mixing, & mastering, as well as getting musical ideas out of my head & sharing them with the world.