One Software Feature

1 May 2024 • PersonalWeblogPoMo

There’s a joke that makes its rounds on the internet every now and again – a guy interviews at a company for a software developer role. Goes through the entire process, and makes a good enough impression that he receives a job offer. First day on the job, he digs into the code, finds a bug that has driven him (as a user of the software) crazy for years, fixes it, and immediately gives his two week notice.

Software and apps are funny things; tiny ones can receive enhancements and improvements at a glacial pace, while massive monoliths seem to push out changes almost daily. Some companies (hi Apple) tell you what you want, while others solicit feedback on changes their users want. (Whether they follow through or not… that’s another issue.)

Imagine wanting a bug fixed so badly that you went out of your way to get hired by the company, just so you could fix it and immediately quit.1

The issue that tops my list? Spotify doesn’t let you shuffle a playlist by album. I’ve grown up listening to albums all the way through, and have always preferred to listen that way. I actually abandoned Spotify last year to go back to Apple Music because of this… only to find out that only Apple Music on the Mac supports this. iPhone? lol good luck.2

Do you have a particular bug that drives you nuts, or a feature missing from an app that prevents you from enjoying it to the fullest?

  1. At my current org, we tend to turn new developers loose on our task backlogs. Find something in there that we’d love to fix, but we just don’t have time to commit to it. Let the fresh blood tackle it before they become another cog in the machine. 

  2. If you’re in the same boat as me, check out the app Albums for iOS. Works like a charm.