Now (April 2024)

17 April 2024 • PersonalNow

Now That's What I Call Content

I’ve been utilizing my Now page for a little over a year now1. It was originally intended to be a place for me to keep track of stuff that was going on in my life, but it’s turned into a “what games am I playing or what books am I reading?” list, which I think defeats the purpose a little bit.

I’m going to experiment with a bit of a new format for a bit; while I don’t want this blog to just turn in to a list of things I’ve got going on in my life, I would like to write more, AND I’d like to turn my Now page into something a bit more verbose. So, you may see some extra blog posts popping up now and again with a few more life updates.

V is 2 now, and she’s great. An all-consuming, boundary-testing, nonstop ball of energy, but great nonetheless. Her grasp of language is exploding every day, she’s funny as hell, and the way she grasps patterns is nothing short of astounding to me2. I’m blessed to be her dad.

I’m still working as a software developer, but I’ve taken a couple of internal interviews for some engineering management positions. Unknown what the future holds for me as of yet, but going through the process has been enjoyable thus far.

I was diagnosed with adult ADHD last month. The first medication we tried had a not fun side effect, so I get to talk with my doctor tomorrow to see what we can do about a dosage or prescription change. But honestly, just having the diagnosis has been very enlightening to me, helping me better understand myself and some of my quirks.

I’m 108 days sober.

Schedules have definitely been flexing over the past few months, but I’ve been attempting to spend as much time as possible in my father-in-law’s woodshop. So far, my accomplishments have been some shelves for our built-ins, a couple cutting boards, a keyboard wrist/palm rest, some cases for one of my keyboards, and a birdhouse for my wife. I’ve got aspirations of doing a lot more with this hobby, and hopefully I’ll be able to find some more time to carve out and spend over there.

I’ve found my video game time has dropped to practically nil as of late. I haven’t played a game that I’ve loved yet this year (Cyberpunk 2077 was the last I played), and as V’s bedtime gets later and later, the prospect of firing up a game for a shorter block of time just doesn’t appeal to me as much as it used to. More of an observation than a complaint; priorities change.

I’ve managed to let /r/fantasy’s Book Bingo Challenge draw me in to reading more. I’ve already completed 3 of the 25 squares in 3 weeks, and convinced a couple of friends to participate with me (hooray, accountabilibuddies). I’ve just started Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon, and I’m excited to see what else I discover this year.

It’s prime sports watching season for me. Baseball is back in full swing3, the NBA playoffs start this weekend, F1 races are happening, the end of the Premier League season is approaching… and I wonder why I don’t make time for anything else. 😂

I have 2 tabs open that may or may not cause me to rework my blog’s tech stack. Possible related: I’ve been going through all of my RSS feeds as I migrate from NetNewsWire to Reeder. If you have any you think I should be following, please let me know.

We might (might) be maybe thinking about considering getting a kitten or two.

Let me know what you think about this format. I’m gonna try it out for a bit, and see if it helps me get into the groove of blogging a bit more.

  1. “Semantic satiation” is a phenomenon where, when you see or hear a word several times in a row, it suddenly seems like it’s not a real word. That happened when looking at “Now” over and over again. Maybe it’ll happen to you too. You’re welcome. 

  2. My wife peeled her an orange last week, and went over to the living room chair to sit with V and help her eat it. Now, if I ask her “hey V, would you like an orange?” she’ll go “Yeah!” and immediately run to the chair and climb in. That’s the orange eating chair now, I guess. 

  3. The Red Sox are projected to be hot garbage this year, but I’m a mod for a Discord server for the main Red Sox podcast, and we’ve got a really fun group of people that like to chat during games, which has been a blast.