ClackTrack - Coming Fall 2023

Written on February 23, 2023
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I’d like to present to you a new project I’m working on called ClackTrack. ClackTrack is a new application coming out in Fall 2023 for iPhone and iPad, allowing users to catalog their mechanical keyboard collection.

This honestly all started early 2022, when I asked myself, “why haven’t I learned how to make iOS apps yet?” I’ve been a web application developer for most of my career, but the prospect of making apps for iPhones has appealed to me since the day I got my iPhone 4S1. But at long last, I finally took the plunge and started learning SwiftUI.

It’s been… slow? Having a child will definitely stunt any hobby progression, but I’ve also never really been a person that makes software in my free time. That all changed this winter; for someone that rarely has any project ideas kicking around in my head, I went on a tear where I had a whole bunch of them back to back. Mostly small, script-y things that I could do to improve my life, or extensions that I could write for apps like Alfred.

But then I got one really fun one in my head: “What if I made the Hurley Number app in SwiftUI?”2

That quickly spiraled out of control - what if it had this feature, and that feature, and, and, and… and then, the idea of a cataloging app just hit me full on. A lot of people I know do theirs in a Google spreadsheet - functional, but not really elegant. What if I took that and made it, well, Better™?

So, this is a post announcing the announcement of the release of ClackTrack. It’s to build hype, to keep me honest, and to share with everyone what I’m working on. If you’d like to stay in the know about it, you can sign up for emails on the site.

  1. Had to wait until Sprint had a white iPhone. It showed up the same day that an ex and I adopted a puppy. Guess which one I was more excited for? 

  2. The Hurley Number is a quasi-joke metric thought up by the Relay.FM Discord members for tracking how extensive your mechanical keyboard collection is. You can see more in the FAQ section on the site.