Brain Drain

13 May 2024 • PersonalWeblogPoMo

I’ll be honest, I’ve got absolutely nothing to write about today.

I’m back from a 2 week vacation. First day was just trying to re-immerse myself in work and remembering what I was doing. It was an absolute slog on my brain, so much so that I forgot to buy 2 items that were on my shopping list at the store.

I’ve nearly exhausted my list of things I wanna write about. The last 2 on my list are posts that take a bit more to write and/or have photos involved, so those are out today.

Weblog Posting Month has been great at getting me to Just Write™. I’ve been worried that this day would come, where I just wouldn’t have anything to write about. But instead of forcing it, I’m gonna go downstairs, kick my feet up, and relax a bit.

(If you have anything you’d like to hear me write about, let me know.)