About Me

This is the website & blog of Nic Lake, a 30-something tech enthusiast, gamer & streamer, musician, sports fan, craft beer connoisseur, spreadsheet enthusiast, husband, and cat dad living in the Des Moines, IA area.

I spend my days working as a full-stack web developer & project manager for a development shop, working mostly with Ruby on Rails. Previously, I’ve also worked as business analyst on an AR/VR team for a major manufacturing company, and as a software developer for industry leaders in health care, non-profit fund-raising, insurance, banking, and public transportation.

I spend my nights and weekends partaking in a variety of hobbies. Video games are a major passion of mine, and you can find me streaming on Twitch on occasion. I’m always looking for additional games to add to my never-ending list of games to play. I’m also a multi-instrumental musician, and I’ve released an EP under the name The Music Plays You. When I’m not partaking in those, you can also find me bartending at the best brewery in Des Moines, reading (or at least updating my books to read), watching Boston-based sports teams, cooking, or making yet another spreadsheet.

This website was created using Jekyll, and is hosting on GitHub Pages.