Game Review - Portal & Portal 2

Written on August 18, 2018
Posted under Review, PC

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When I said I had no idea what I wanted to do with this site the other day, I lied. There are actually 2 things I (might) want to do. One of them is converting my aforementioned gaming spreadsheet into something more readable & usable on the web. Right now, entering a new game into that requires me to unhide a column, type things out, sort, then hide the column again. Updating one requires me to find it on the massive main list in order to make changes. It’s gross.

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Hello World

Written on August 15, 2018
Posted under Personal

Well, I did it. I created yet another blog.

I’m not really sure what the entire point of doing this is yet. Part of me is disillusioned with Twitter. Part of me just wanted a domain to work on some small personal projects, like converting my games to play spreadsheet into something more readable.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting this site up and running. Thanks for stopping by.